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Vacuum Truck Parts & Accessories Specials: Sept. 9 - Dec. 20, 2013

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From the people who bring you Guzzler®, Jetstream® and Vactor® – the brands you know and trust, we bring you FS SolutionsSM. With nearly 100 years of collective experience in industrial vacuum loading, vacuum excavation and industrial high-pressure waterblasting, FS Solutions provides unsurpassed expertise and a unique breadth of offerings to meet the needs of industrial cleaning contractors and other industry professionals.

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Ergonomic Backbone Nozzle

The backbone nozzle offers the same features as the easy-lift nozzle, but is designed for use with a replaceable vacuum hose supported by a curved “backbone”.

The backbone nozzle keeps the operator away from the plastic hose and allows better control of the plastic hose while vacuuming.

Part # Description Price
49577 6” (152mm) Aluminum Nozzle* $658.76 $450.00
Long Reach Nozzle

The long-reach nozzle is used for hard-to-reach and/or unsecure areas, such as around conveyors or under machinery.

The handle is 69 5/8” (1768 mm) long with rubber grip. Additional handles can be attached.

Part # Description Price
49572 4” (101 mm) Aluminum $584.12 $395.00
49572B 6” (152 mm) Aluminum $743.88 $495.00
Rotator Nozzles

Used on HXX units.

Part # Description Price
48685 3-4 gpm (11.4-15.1 lpm) $144.88 $95.00
48687 6-7 gpm (22.7-26.5 lpm) $220.96 $155.00
Dacron Filter Bag

With super seal. Maximum operating temperature: 300ºF (149ºC)

Part # Description Price
1260037 60” (used with ACE units) $11.61 $8.00 ea.
1260038 70” (used with CL and NX units) $12.33 $8.50 ea.
1260073 58.5”x 6.25” dia. (alternative to cartridge filter) $20.34 $10.00 ea.
Acrylic Coated Filter Bags

Maximum operating temperature: 425ºF (218ºC) A fabric weave with high temperature aramid fiber allowing better air flow through the bag with a lower level of backflow.

Part # Description Price
1260025 60” (used with ACE units) $23.05 $15.50 ea.
1260029 70” (used with CL and NX units) $29.64 $19.50 ea.
Sludge Guzzler™

No matter what the material, if it can flow, the Sludge Guzzler™ hydraulic submersible pump will pump it.

Part # Description Price
1400050 Guzzler CL Sludge Pump $7,748.83 $4,500.00
1400099 Guzzler ACE Sludge Pump $9,714.05 $4,500.00
Electric Debris Body Vibrator

Used to loosen debris when emptying the tank. Should not be held down continuously.

Part # Description Price
1190731 Electric Debris Body Vibrator $1,007.49 $695.00
In-Line Vacuum Relief Valve

Should always be used between the last section of hose and the working-end nozzle to break the vacuum during emergency situations and normal shut-down procedures.

Part # Description Price
1280619 6” Valve with TEE $370.91 $225.00
Air Cannon Retrofit Kit (ACE)

Includes all required parts for air cannon upgrade.

Part # Description Price
1490710F For a Guzzler ACE unit $1,605.00 $945.00
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Staffed with skilled, factory-trained technicians, FS Solutions centers provide:
• High performance parts for most makes & models of industrial
  vacuum loaders and waterblasters
• Accessories for various industrial cleaning operations
• Authorized rental, repair and service for StoneAge® waterblasting
  and sewer cleaning tools, parts & accessories
• Large selection of used & refurbished vacuum trucks
  • Repairing and rebuilding of equipment, pumps, blowers
   and more
• Jetstream waterblaster rentals complete with waterblast
   safety training
• Blower repair on most makes and models from top manufacturers
• Job skills, management & safety training
*Offerings may vary by location

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