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Guzzler Predator Liquid Vacuum Truck

The Predator LVT liquid vacuum tank truck is made with the industrial cleaning contractor in mind. Built to last, and easy to operate and maintain, this machine features a dumping, 3000-gallon, DOT-certified tank, full opening rear door, and a powerful, 28-inch Hg rotary vane vacuum pump. The Predator LVT industrial vacuum loader can tackle the toughest liquid, sludge or semi-solid jobs.

Your Comprehensive Liquid Vacuum Truck Solution

The liquid vacuum tank truck combines high vacuum and pressure offloading design to deliver reliable performance in the most demanding applications. The 3,000 gallon payload capacity tanker features a standard vacuum pump capable of suction pressures up to 27-29 in. high; maximum airflow of more than 400 CFM and more than 300 CFM at 18 in. high. Alternate pump sizes are also available.


The Guzzler Predator's single compartment tank is constructed with carbon steel and is rated for continuous maximum vacuum operation and 15 psi working pressure. Built in accordance with Section VIII of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers boiler code, the tank also complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation specification DOT412 for hauling hazardous materials on the highway.