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Pressure Offloading Systems

There are two Pressure Offloading systems available, the Dense Phase offloading and the Vane Pump offloading. Both systems are available on the Guzzler NX and the vane pump offload is available on the Guzzler CL Vacuum Trucks.

Dense Phase Offloading System

An advanced offloading and recovery tool, the Guzzler Dense Phase offloading system combines applied pressure with high airflow for true dense phase conveyance of dry material up to 120 feet vertically. This system is ideal for cement or bulk powder applications.

Material can easily be blown back into storage silos, rail cars or other appropriate containers. The Guzzler NX’s patented vacuum recovery returns any carryover during the vacuuming application back to the tank, closing the loop in the load and unload process for complete material recovery.

Vane Pressure Offloading System

The vane offloading system utilizes a Rotary Vane pump to pressurize the debris body at a maximum of 14.5 psi to offload material. The Rotary Vane pump (also called Sliding Vane Vacuum Pump) is designed to handle all types of liquid wastes and slurries and is ideal for the Oil and Gas, Industrial Waste, Grease, and Septic markets. The Rotary Vane pump can also be reversed to create a vacuum of up to 28.5” Hg. for vacuum loading of liquids and slurries.