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Guzzler XCR

Swing-out Loading Cyclone

The XCR is the original, patented, continuous production offloading system first introduced by Guzzler in 1986 and is available on the Guzzler CL industrial vacuum loader. The XCR option saves time and money by allowing users to offload material into a variety of collection vessels without interrupting the vacuuming process. It is ideal for catalyst recovery applications.

Simultaneous Vacuuming and Offloading

The XCR performs a wide range of efficient drumming and material recovery operations quickly and easily. Unlike other batch unloading systems, the patented swing-out cyclone delivers true continuous production capability.

The XCR is the only system that delivers simultaneous vacuuming and offloading capability, so no time is wasted on trips to the dumpsite. For controlled unloading into a wide range of disposal vessels, the cyclone can be raised to a 7.5-foot ground clearance and the valves can be operated manually or automatically. The XCR is also available with a catalyst handling package which allows the inert atmospheric capture of pyrophoric material by nitrogen injection.