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Guzzler Right Start Program

Guzzler RightStart® Program

Once you have the keys… we’ll get you started right!

You wouldn’t dream of buying a car without checking it over. Or taking a test drive before parking it in your garage. Why should buying an industrial vacuum loader be any different? At Guzzler, we think you need to know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why we offer the Right Start program.

The Guzzler RightStart program has one goal: to improve the delivery process. It’s designed to give you all the information you need to feel confident with your equipment. That way there’s less chance of unexpected operators’ questions that can affect productivity.


The first step in the Guzzler Right Start program is getting you here. Once your Guzzler is completed, we thoroughly test it. When we’re confident that everything is in working order, we send you a plane ticket so you can come and pick up your new Guzzler.


Once you arrive, your training begins. We’ll guide you through all the functions of your Guzzler, showing you how to safely operate the equipment for optimum results.


Within 30 days of your purchase, a representative will call to see if you have any questions. And since your complete satisfaction is our top priority, you’ll hear from him again after 60 days.


Any time you have a question or require additional information, we are here to serve you. Just contact us at 1-800-627-3171. And get off to the right start with Guzzler’s RightStart Program!


“RightStart” is a registered service mark of Federal Signal Corporation, used under license.”